Timber framing and joinery to suit every pocket in Northampton and Milton Keynes

The skilled carpenters and joiners at Dragonswood Timber Products Ltd offer efficient, cost-effective woodworking and joinery services to suit not just your preferences, but your budget as well. We want your outdoor space, home, garden or office, to be exactly how you’ve imagined it.

Therefore, as soon as you decide to improve your outdoor setting, re-modelling it or building something new for the first time, we are the experts to call. Our list of woodwork and joinery services includes:
  • Garages
  • Car ports
  • Garden buildings and gazebos
  • Balconies and porches
  • Garden and driveway gates
  • Fencing and more
With us, you can browse through our portfolio of existing ideas, select your favourites, go for variations of these or choose to create something completely new. In Northampton, Milton Keynes, Bedford, Brackley and Bramley, our friendly team will assist you in making the best decision for your joinery project.

We have the very best joinery and timber framing skills

To suit every domestic, commercial and educational need and build solid structures in Northampton and Milton Keyes, we use various techniques in our joinery services. From the time-proven pegged and draw bored mortise and tenon joint, to more complex framing joints, we will produce a fine, high quality end product for you. 

Traditional joinery and green timber

Structures made by Dragonswood Timber Products Ltd employ the traditional timber framing joinery techniques that have survived for many centuries and still today give the best and strongest joints. The term "Green" timber, whether it be Oak, Douglas Fir or Pine refers not to the colour of the wood but to the fact that the timber has been recently harvested and has a high moisture content making it relatively soft and easy to work. The structure is manufactured and assembled in this state after which it will progressively dry out over the years, becoming harder and more durable as time goes by. The relative softness and pliability of the green timber allows its joints to be very accurately produced and assembled, with the joints designed to resist the inevitable forces exerted by the drying process to produce a tight and very strong frame. The most common joint is the mortise and tenon joint. This is basically a male and female type of joint which comes in many types to suit the particular members and function of the frame from a structural point of view. These joints are generally secured together by using kiln dried pegs of the parent wood to pull the two or more members together with a very high force resulting in a very tight and rigid frame. The process of "Draw Boring" whereby the locating holes for the pegs are offset in the male and female parts of the joint is what really tightens the frame up and allows for the future drying of the timbers such that the joint remains tight. This technique and the use of green timber is centuries old and while it is a more time-consuming method of frame construction, it will produce a far superior frame to one which is"straight-bored" and will result in loose joints over time.

Sharing our know-how with you, free of charge

For Dragonswood Timber Products Ltd, it’s not just the final stage of the project that makes us proud of our work - it's the whole process of getting there. We take pride in every phase of the work and are pleased to offer you free advice and support, guiding you where necessary, to achieve a quality timber product that suits your needs and pocket.
For exemplary joinery services in Northampton and Milton Keyes, call us today on 01327 811 157 or 07785 568 730.
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